Jacking up zoomlion tower crane TC6013-6

Jacking up tower crane is a very important work, but also it is very dangerous. Most tower crane collape accidents happened from tower crane jacking up process.

Firstly, the jacking up tower crane is very important job in the workstie. It is the most economic way to increase tower crane height following with building construction. When it use mobile crane finished the tower crane assembly, Its working height is just about 8-10m. So it need the telescopic cage to jack up more mast sections into tower crane body to increase its working height. When the building is higher than 50m, the telescopic cage to increase or decrease tower crane's working height is the only way to do it.

Secondly, the jacking up tower crane is very dangerous, because the up part of tower crane body is connected with the slewing mechanism trough the tower crane telescopic cage, such as the photos. Which is not as strong as the mast section connecting.

Thirdly, when the tower crane's working height excceed the maximum standing height, It need to fix the wall tie between the building and tower crane, to strengten  tower crane's mast body. Different tower crane mast sections have different maximum standing height, normally from 25m to 60m. About the wall tie, normally the distance from  center location of mast section to building is 5m. What is the distance gap to fix one wall tie, which is described in the brochure. The distance is usually between 20-30m. Finally, The best way to jack up tower crane is obey the operation manual.

So this video of jacking up zoomlion tower crane is very useful for operators to jack up tower crane, and to fix the wall tie safety.


Remark, you also could view the tower crane operation video from Youtube below:     




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