tower crane disassembly

This is the tower crane disassembly. It take Zoomlion tower crane dismantle for example, to let tower crane operator to know dismantle tower crane safely. This video could guide most Chinese tower crane dismantling. there are four important factors to dismantle one tower crane, wind, capacity of mobile crane, power supply and the tower crane dismantling position. In the video, it shows that, before dismantle tower crane, you should take the anemograph to check the wind speed. Secondly, normally one zoomlion 6 tons tower crane, its whole weight of 40m height is about 33-35tons, In the tower crane parts, the heaviest parts are the climbing cage and the slewing assembly, take zoomlion TC6013-6 for example, the weight of climbing cage is about 4.1 tons, and the slewing assembly is about 3.8 tons.  the lifting jib assembly is about 5.8 tons to 6 tons, and the counter weight jib assembly is about 3.5 tons. and its mast section(integral mast section, size is 1.8*1.8*2.8m) about 1.0 tons.  So the operator could pay attention on these parts weight, then could know to choose the mobile crane capacity to download the tower cranes. The electricity is useful to jack down the mast sections. After jacking down the tower crane mast sections to just about 10-15m height, The operator should think over that which jib position is feasible to let mobile crane to lift down the tower crane jib after the construcion finished. We hope this video is helpful for all operators to dismantle tower cranes. If you have any questions, please contact with us.


Remark, you also could view the tower crane operation video from Youtube below:

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